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YOGA classes now at 802 Fitness & Therapy!

Starting August 19th yoga will be offered at 802 Fitness! Our members will have unlimited access built into their memberships and there will also be an option for a yoga only membership as well as the ability to purchase drop in yoga sessions! Interested?! Contact us today for more details or click the button below to register for a drop in class!

Member Appreciation Winners!

Congratulations to Sue Luchsinger, Shannon Moore and Pam Peterson who were our top 3 winners in our Member Appreciation game in the the month of July! These ladies work hard every day, have great attitudes and are getting amazing results!

Reset and Renew - 10 Day Metabolic Detoxification

Get re-energized with a Clear Change detox in just 10 days at 802 Fitness and Therapy! Do you have digestive discomfort, trouble sleeping, moodiness or feeling like you can't concentrate? It may be time for a reset to get you feeling your best! This is not a fad or starvation diet from a magazine! Our Clear Change program is backed by scientific research! Join us for a FREE seminar to learn all the details of this 10 day detox program! Click the link below to reserve your spot!


802 Fitness & Therapy offers a variety of services to accommodate all levels of fitness, including Large Group Team Conditioning, Small Group Strength training, and Personal training.  We are a full service fitness center with a focus on community and wellness. Our active gym lifestyle provides our members the tools needed to achieve and sustain their health and fitness goals. See below for all the details!

Personal Training

The ultimate in one on one personal attention! Exercise programs are individualized and specific in order to achieve optimal results and reach personal goals. Manual Therapy techniques are incorporated into sessions as needed to decrease pain and correct dysfunctional movement patterns.

Small Group Strength Training

Class setting up to 4 people with emphasis on full body strength training. Perfect class for members seeking corrective exercises, decreasing pain and increasing performance.

Large Group Conditioning

Class setting up to 20 people with a team approach to fitness. Classes can vary from boot camp style, Tabata, and HIIT. Exercises are focused on conditioning, stabilization, and weight loss. 

Nutritional Coaching

Whether the goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or transforming your body we have a solution for you! Healthy recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and nutrition hacks are available to all members to assist in your new lifestyle

Functional Movement Assessment

For individuals seeking a solution to the root cause of pain, or any biomechanical dysfuntion. A 3 dimensional movement analysis is performed to allow us to identify spcific range of motion limitations and strength deficits. 

Open Gym

Can't make a specific class time? All members are welcome to workout anytime during normal business hours 

Results Tracking

With the use of our BioSpace Inbody machine, our members receive the gold standard in body composition analysis. This takes out the guess work and gives us an objective measure of how well our plans are working towards fat loss and fitness goals. 

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Deep tissue massage, active release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular stretching, strain/counter strain techniques, Myofacial release,  and vibration technology are all used to increase mobility and eliminate pain. 

Kinesiology Taping

Certified Rock Tape provider! Applications of kinesio tape are used to reduce pain and inflammation. Taping can also increase neuromuscular input while training new movement patterns. 

Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Need to get stronger before a knee surgery or lose 25 pounds prior to receiving a back surgery? Need to continue  with a strength program after a course of physical therapy? 802 Fitness & Therapy memberships are a perfect fit!