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We are not your typical $10/month gym that is full of a bunch of equipment that most people don't know how to use and see little to no results. Our goal is to set a new standard of health, fitness and wellness and we pride ourselves on one thing--RESULTS!!!  We are an active lifestyle enhancement gym that provides the 3 pillar approach to achieve results. 1.)Fitness 2.) Nutrition 3.) Accountability

Allow me to explain the three pillars in more detail.

1.) Fitness assists with weight loss, improves mood, battles depression better than drugs, decreases pain, increases energy, decreases stress, increases strength/mobility, etc. We also believe in Minimum Effective Dose- Do the least amount to get the best results! We know you want to get in-get out and get to the things you love.

2.)Nutrition is one of the most confusing aspects in the health and fitness field. No matter where you are in life, you should follow some sort of nutrition plan for your body type and specific goals. Whether it’s to reduce inflammation, increase libido, decrease pain, lose weight, increase lean body mass. Nutrition is vital to achieving real results in all of these categories.We will teach you how to eat, what to eat, when to eat and teach you how to have a realistic outlook on food. There are NO GIMMICKS!  Our approach is based on sensible choices, whole foods and portion control.   All protocols we use are science based and real world tested.

3.)Accountability is the glue that ties the commitment to results.  Accountability is the one thing 100% of Olympic athletes have that regular folks have been tricked into believing they can succeed without. With our internal community, we will create social accountability. This is an exclusive group of people facing the same struggles and obstacles as YOU are, walking shoulder to shoulder with you, sharing tips, tricks and encouragement you come to rely on. You will also have mentor accountability. You will have the benefit of joining our alumni members who have been through the journey you are about to begin. It’s like having your own group of cheerleaders or mentors. Accountability is the key to reaching goals and sustaining success. We will be using our Inbody 570 body composition analysis scale to monitor results - BMI, body fat percent, muscle mass, hydration, fat mass, inflammation level. We will provide external communication (text, email and phone) to ensure members are using the gym a minimum of twice a week and seeing the results they should be seeing. Finally, member events (parties, special themed workouts, charity events, etc.) will be incorporated to build internal community.

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