Our Story

Paul Croutworst began his passion for movement working in the outpatient field of physical therapy. While working in the physical therapy field, Paul molded himself into a corrective exercise specialist and highly specialized manual therapist.  After years of practice, he became frustrated at one important piece of the puzzle regarding patient care. Patients would always be discharged from care when they were out of pain or insurance stopped paying. The problem was that the patient had SO MUCH more progress to make so they didn't have that yo-yo effect of coming back in of feeling good, then in pain again. Recognizing this problem, Paul decided to start personal training to bridge the gap from rehab to performance furthering his patients progressions so they were no longer dependent on us clinicians. Paul's goal was to make each person as bulletproof as possible. Paul likes to do a reset on most members cleaning up their movement pattern deficits, addressing the underlying root cause of their pain, then transition them to levels they never knew were possible, getting each person back to the things they love most. 

Paul wanted to take his care to another level while transitioning to the field of fitness and came up with a new business model for the Deefield Valley to best serve each member. Until now, there was no fully functional fitness facility in the Deerfield Valley that encompasses the weight loss, fitness, health and nutritional needs of its members.  Current facilities offer little in the way of personalized training or fitness classes and none have staff with diverse and professional backgrounds and expertise in fitness and therapy. With obesity on the rise across the country and here in VT, local and visiting residents are in need of a facility to assist in combating this epidemic and lead them on a path to wellness.

 With a background in physical therapy, manual therapy and personal training, Paul Croutworst has a unique skill set to assist members reach their weight loss, strength, and mobility goals and in order to participate in a more active lifestyle with decreased pain.  802 Fitness and Therapy will provide an 'active gym' model increasing the sense of community, team work towards common goals and an overall increase in accountability to get results. Nutrition coaching and supplementation education and will assist members in reaching their highest level of potential in health and fitness.