12 – Month Team Conditioning

Starting at $159.00/Month

High level, fun, metabolic conditioning LIVE classes to make you burn fat and build muscle! Perfect for most ability levels! Break out your inner Badass in a supportive team setting. No judgments, just RESULTS! Live workouts allow for individual coaching to perfect technique and decrease risk of injury. (This membership has been discontinued for now but will start again when our schedule allows)

12 – Month Small Group Strength Training Membership

Starting at $299.00/month

 Semi-private personal training classes limited to 4 people. These classes are intended to integrate corrective exercise, strength, conditioning and integrated rehab.

3 sessions per week $299/mo


12 – Month Personal Training 4x Membership


The ultimate in one-on-one personal attention! If you want to get your best outcome and reduce pain, you need manual therapy combined with strength training to lock in the results. Personalized exercise regimens tailored to your needs and goals! Highly specialized manual therapy techniques are performed as needed for pain-related movement.

12 – Month Personal Training 8x Membership


8 sessions per month - BEST OPTION FOR PERSONAL TRAINING in the Deerfield Valley!! Includes....Well there's not much that this membership doesn't include, from personal training to highly specialized manual therapy techniques to restore mobility and reduce pain. We dial in most every neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction to get to the root cause of pain and progress you to high levels of performance.  

12- month personal training 12x membership


The ULTIMATE in personal attention! 12 PT sessions per month. This membership is perfect with those with complex manual therapy, strength and rehab needs. Many times you have been to various specialist only to not get the result you want. If you truly want to move your best, restore lost function, and get your life back, this membership is for you!

Youth membership


Classes for youth ages 10-18 geared towards long term athletic development, stregnth training, and integrated corrective exercise.